Top 50 Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech News

If your internet surfing is so jam packed that only 140 characters will do, then Twitter is the site for you. It allows you to follow a number of popular celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres. If you have a love of the technological, don’t fret. There is plenty for you.

Lovers of technology, CEOs of huge companies, and the just plain geeky have all taken advantage of the site. If you are afraid of being scooped out of the latest technological headline, take a look at the below top 50 Twitter feeds to follow tech news. They contain everything on the latest new gadget, along with loads of other tidbits to help you enjoy the tech you already have.

Top Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech News

These Twitter feeds specialize both in technology and news.

    1. Tech Crunch : A team of expert editors bring you the latest in tech news on Twitter. Categories include gadgets, mobile devices, and much more. There are also lists for many other popular technological topics. You can also visit the main site with loads more.

    2. Engadget : A leading tech news website, they also have a Twitter feed. If you have an iPhone, Droid, iPod, or any other handheld device, this is a must follow. Tweets link to reviews, how-to’s, guides, and much more.

    3. Wired : This top technology publication and site doesn’t hold back on their Twitter feed for tech news. A standout feature of Wired is the lists for the blogs on various tech topics and the ones for staffers. You can also choose individual feeds for tech such as automotive, science, gaming, and more.

    4. fforward : Fast Forward specializes in all sorts of tech news including biology, science, and design. Regular tweets are on everything from the latest space mission to headphones from Dr. Dre. There are also interesting artistic tweets as well.

    5. Macworld : As you may have guessed from the title, this tech news Twitter feed is for Apple users. The iMac, iPhone, iPod, and even the tablet are featured. You can also visit the main site with reviews, help, forums, and tons more.

    6. Arstechnica : Another leading website, this one specializes in the art of technology. They often review the latest released items and link back to them. The main site also has interesting sections such as tech policy and open source information.

    7. Geek Police : Milton and others tweet the latest tech news, interesting stuff, quotes, and other things which will interest you. Tweets are almost exclusively on tech news items of interest. The latest include headlines Facebook and search engines.

    8. The Digital Life : Get your tech news from a Christian perspective with the help of this Twitter feed. Rick Abbot is a home schooling dad from Kentucky who loves his family a little more than technology. Tweets include responses and politics, along with tech.

Top Media Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech News

These media outlets have a special love of tech which they share through Twitter.

    9. Guardian Tech : This leading British newspaper also has a Twitter feed for tech news. You can also click on the main site to read the tech news all at once. Be sure to check out the recommended list for the best in their tweets.

    10. BBC Click : This popular UK show is the BBC’s flagship technology show. However, you don’t have to pick up the channel to take advantage of the tech news Twitter feed. Tweets often hit overload as fans stop by to comment after the show.

    11. CNET News : This website has the latest in software downloads available at a click. Get the latest in both paid and open source items by following their tweets. There are also reviews and guides.

    12. BBC Tech : The BBC offers this Twitter feed devoted exclusively for tech news. Tweets often link back to the latest headlines.

    13. Scientific American : If you need your tech news on the science side, stop here. “Scientific American” has been a leading magazine for years and features loads of headlines on their Twitter feed. The latest include the space shuttle, the environment, and much more.

    14. PC Mag : A leading publication, they have been in print since 1982. Headlines include all sorts of tech related news. Best of all, you don’t need a subscription to take advantage.

    15. NY Times Tech : If you only read “The New York Times” for its tech news, then take a look at this Twitter feed. It gathers only the technological headlines into one convenient place. Topics vary on anything from tech jobs to hacking.

Top Individual Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech News

These Twitter users are devoted to technology and share more through their feeds.

    16. Pete Cashmore : Because Twitter is a staple of technology, check out this feed for the latest Twitter tech news. You can get tips on apps, programs, sharing, and much more. The Mashable site also has loads more on tech.

    17. Tim O’Reilly : The founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, he watches the alpha geeks that make tech possible. He also shares their stories while helping the future unfold. Be sure to check the lists for more specific tech news.

    18. Kevin Rose : If you use Digg on a regular basis, Kevin is to thank. Its founder, he tweets about all sorts of news, including tech. There are also tweets on rock climbing, drinking, and more.

    19. Guy Kawasaki : He is the cofounder of Alltop, a popular blog gathering site. Always on the look out for what’s interesting, he often tweets links to tech news. Latest entries are on the iPhone and its many uses.

    20. Veronica : Veronica Belmont is the host of Tekzilla on Revision 3 and Qore on PSN. Those who are looking for a tech news Twitter feed from a pretty girl will enjoy this one. Female lovers of tech can also get a list for fashion and beauty.

    21. Leo Laporte : He is a U.S. based journalist specializing in technology and is part of the popular technology podcast, This Week in Tech. He also has Twitter lists on food, science, politics, and more.

    22. Alex Albrecht : Are you a fan of “The Totally Rad Show?” Then check out the Twitter feed of its host. Also a good stop for a Twitter user who regularly replies to tweets.

    23. Patrick Norton : Stop here for another feed from someone at Tekzilla. Patrick often links to items of technological interest, such as Adobe and computers. Non-tech tweets are on food, the desert, and babies.

    24. iJustine : Stop here for another way to get tech news from a pretty girl. She is a self described “Apple fan, YouTuber, technology lover, and avid Twitter.” You can also click her exclusively tech lists and more.

Top Industry Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech News

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    25. Google : No need for introductions, Google is probably how you found this article. By following its Twitter feed, you can get the latest news in what’s hot on Twitter, including tech. YouTube picks are often included as well.

    26. Evan Williams : What Twitter list would be complete without the feed from the CEO of Twitter itself. Stop by for the latest updates on Twitter. There are also tweets on daily life and things that interest him.

    27. iPhone Dev : Get your tech news straight from the iPhone Development Team here. It gives tips, reviews of the latest apps, and more. A must for any iPhone fan.

    28. MS Windows : Get a source of tech news for all things Windows here. In addition to the latest developments, the Twitter feed will even answer the occasional tech support question. There are also links to items of interest.

    29. Boxee : Want to know how Boxee can change the way you both watch television and use the computer? Then check out both the site and Twitter feed for more. The founder, Avner Ronen, impressively answers questions of his followers.

    30. Padmasree : Get the official Twitter feed for Cisco here. The Chief Technical Officer uses the tweets for the latest in tech news. You can also view lists for non-profit, travel, and science.

    31. rww : Anyone with a blog or site has encountered ReadWriteWeb. Maintained by the founder and staff, this Twitter feed has the latest news for users of rww. Lists are on real time web, internet of things, and more.

    32. Microsoft Xbox : A leading gaming system, they also keep news on their Twitter feed. You can get updates, demos, and more. There is also information on deals.

    33. Warcraft : Similar to the above, this is a Twitter feed to gaming tech news. Unlike the above, the feed focuses on the specific game of World of Warcraft. Tweets often link to related items of interest.

    34. MySpace : The original Facebook, MySpace has its own Twitter feed for news. Get information on top users, events, and more through their Twitter feed. They are also still a leader in streaming videos and tell you all about their latest.

    35. NASA : Get tech news on the latest discoveries in space straight from those who discovered it. The official news feed, NASA tells all about their latest launch, future missions, and more. You can also spend loads of time on tech by clicking on their website.

    36. HP News : Fans of the Hewlett Packard Company will enjoy this tech news Twitter feed. It contains information on both their computers, along with software that is used on them. A number of other tech related headlines are featured.

Top Geek Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech News

Their love of tech makes them geeks, their knowledge of news makes them worth a look.

    37. Frag Dolls : They are an all-girl gaming team for Ubisoft. They tweet about tech, gaming, and culture. They even recently started a “cadette” academy.

    38. Zoe Cello : She is both a professional avant cellist and amateur nerd. Tweets are on cellos, computers, and pancakes. You can also visit her blog to hear a performance.

    39. Astro Mike : Mike is a NASA astronaut who is a mission specialist for STS-125. Tweets are often on tech news of astronomical interest. He even recently asked for questions for the next shuttle crew.

    40. Danielbru : Daniel Brusilovsky is a tech lover and 17 year old entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Teens in Tech Networks. See how things with his new venture are going by checking out his Twitter stream.

    41. Dave Morin : Another young entrepreneur, Dave is a popular photographer, blogger, and passionate about technology. His tweets give a special take on Amazon, Facebook, and much more.

    42. Clatko : Chris Latko is interested in all things tech including Apple, Xcode, Python, and much more. By keeping a Twitter feed full of tech news and opinions, he has gathered quite a following. There are also lists for apps, iPhone, and Apple.

    43. Scobleizer : Robert Scoble is a geek and technology enthusiast from Silicon Valley. He recently gathered up his favorite tech and other tweets in one spot. You can also choose for entrepreneurs, hosting, and iPhone.

    44. Douglasi : Best selling author Douglas Idugboe is from Canada and loves technology. He is also a new media and social web evangelist. Tweets are often responses and links to items of interest.

Top Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech Shopping

If you’re ready to stop reading and start doing, check out these Twitter feeds for tech shopping.

    45. Woot : With one deal per day, this Twitter feed is good for interesting info without clogging up your stream. Be sure to click here to get the exclusively tech feed. There is also a comedy and strictly shopping feed.

    46. Amazon MP3 : Because tech lovers need music too, check out this Twitter feed. It tells you the latest in music deals from Amazon without ever having to leave your desk. Both single and album deals are featured on a daily basis.

    47. Dell Outlet : Need a new PC, laptop, or peripheral? Then check out this Twitter feed for the best in tech deals from Dell. It sells certified refurbished items, along with scratch and dent at low prices.

    48. Newegg Hot Deals : Newegg is a site that offers loads of deals in technology. Get exclusive Twitter offers and be the first to know about the best computer and electronics deals by following them. Deals are on games, software, accessories, and much more.

    49. Best Buy : Employees of the chain store tweet about the latest goings on. There are tech reviews, release dates, and more. There are also loads of other resources from the store.

    50. : A leading online store, you can find technology and so much more here. A highlight is that both employees and shopper’s tweets are featured. Great deals are offered often.

Even if you don’t know a whole lot about tech, you’ll never be without the news again with the help of the above top 50 Twitter feeds for tech news. Easy to follow, accessible whenever you want, and loads of fun, you can appreciate technology like never before.

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