The 20 Most Outrageous/Useless iPhone Apps

Looking for a good way to waste both time and money and get your iPhone involved? Then check out the top 20 most outrageous and useless iPhone apps. They are offensive, at times expensive, and serve not a single useful purpose. Also, some of the apps tend to be on the disgusting side.

Most Offensive iPhone Apps

These iPhone apps have made headlines with their offensive implications towards a wide range of groups from women to babies.

    iphonesaviorcomjpg1. Baby Shaker : This outrageous iPhone app is intended to be a game. The object was to shake the phone with a picture of the baby until an “X” appeared. This offensive app gets the top spot for only being in stores for three days.

    2. AMP iPhone App : If you are a guy who is bad at picking up girls, then get this app to see if you can do worse. Garnering controversy for both AMP and its parent company, Pepsi, the app has been accused of being offensive to women for its depiction as cartoon characters and types. In a move that is sure to be the first of many for companies in the same situation, they apologized via Twitter.

    3. Drunk Dialer : If the idea of calling an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend only when you’re drunk and getting an app to help you doesn’t offend, then skip. Drunk Dialer is a test for those who have drank too much to see if they are sober enough to do the dialing. It will only cost you $0.99 and perhaps a piece of dignity down the line.

    4. iFart : Just as the name suggests, the app is designed to simulate and reproduce gaseous sounds. Choose the type you want to hear and play to listen. If this type of game offends you, then don’t look at how well it has done in sales.

    5. Pull My Finger : Similar to the above, this is another gas simulator. However, this one is having trouble seeing the light of day. Thanks to the alleged copy written status of the phrase, the app is having problems. There are details on the legal battles, with lawyer commentary and all.

Most Outrageous/Useless iPhone Games

Why waste time using a brain building or trivia iPhone game, when you can check out these useless ones. They will have you sitting still and thinking of absolutely nothing in no time.

    6. Hold On! : Want to know how long you can hold your finger to your iPhone? The makers of this game are betting that you do. In this game, you simply press your finger to a spot on your phone. And….? That’s it. A timer keeps track of how much you have wasted. However, it can be fun for those around you by giving them something funny to laugh at.

    7. Touch Train : Similar to the above, the object of this useless iPhone game is to touch a spot on the screen. Then another. Useful if you want to keep a toddler busy, but the design seems specific towards adults.

    8. Man Poke : Think video games are too violent? Is boxing also up there with your threshold of simulated violence? Then try Man Poke. The game is exactly what the title says. With Man Poke, you can poke a virtual guy until he wakes up by tapping your iPhone. And this useless game is only $0.99.

    9. Cow Toss : Ever wish you had the strength to toss a cow? This iPhone app won’t help with that. It will allow you to drag AND toss a virtual cow. Rated a useless iPhone game by both CNET and CNN it will cost you $0.99 to find out why first hand.

    10. Hold The Button : Think the holding games market is too small? Then rejoice at this holding-your-finger-to-the-screen useless iPhone game. The difference in this one? You hold your finger to a fingerprint, you can compare scores, and the price is free, reflecting that you get what you pay for.

Most Outrageous/ Useless Apps That Feel Like Work

You work 40 plus hours a week and have precious free time. Use the below outrageous and useless iPhone apps to simulate the experience of being there, even when you’re not.

    11.Simstapler : Don’t do enough stapling at work? Then “practice” by using the “most accurate stapler simulator on the market.” The app also allows you to choose how many pages you would like to staple, right up to a thousand. If that isn’t enough to meet the useless iPhone app requirement, check out the high scores.

    12. Zit Picker : Whether you work in a dermatologist’s office or have the occasional blemish, this useless app can simulate having and destroying acne. Disgusting images range from whiteheads to blackheads and you can even choose the method where you pick their destruction. There is even a Zit Picker 2 if you have a $1.99 and a love for useless iPhone apps.

    13. iNap@Work : This iPhone app will simulate the sounds of a typical worker for those who want to nap during work. The fact that it uses generic sounds for mouse clicks, keyboards, and such instead of your actual sounds are what make it useless. It also gets a gold star for its role in helping you get fired.

    14. Zips : This useless iPhone app is for those who love to play with zippers. In short, this app allows you to recreate the work of zipping and unzipping without actually going to the trouble of doing the real thing. Extra useless if the act of pulling down pants offends you.

Most Outrageous/Useless iPhone Apps That Weren’t Thought Through

The makers of these useless and outrageous iPhone apps didn’t exactly take the time to think their products through, but hopefully the purchasing public will before buying them.

    15. Birth Buddy : If you’re pregnant, going into labor, surrounded by family along with medical staff, have a million thoughts running through your mind, in unbearable pain, or hopped up on drugs and still feel like using your iPhone, grab this app. It is a tool to track labor contractions, allowing you to focus on breathing and relaxing (and evidently useless iPhone apps). Birth Buddy will also send an email with all the intimate details of your birth for extra uselessness.

    16. Fake An Excuse : While the premise for the app is sound: listing reasons to get off calls that just won’t end, this app falls short of delivering. The app will actually play the excuse in hopes that whoever you are talking to doesn’t notice the change in voice. Useless excuses range from “Bees!” to “Someone is wire tapping us!”

    17. iBeer : While there are useful apps that rate and review different types of beer, this isn’t one of them. This iPhone app simply turns your screen into beer. You can “drink” it by tilting it towards yourself. For $2.99, an actual beer makes for a better purchase.

    18. Drunk Sniper : The object of this iPhone app is to make sure your “recycled” beer hits the toilet. For $0.99, this “piss and miss” game turns the act of being drunk into a full blown competition. The part they didn’t think through? Getting drunk guys to simulate relieving themselves is highly likely to turn into the real thing. Holding the iPhone at crotch level during the game doesn’t help either.

    19. Taxi Hold Em : This app is designed to help you flag down a taxi. Not by connecting you to a service or using the GPS to find one in your area, but by making a whistle sound or displaying “TAXI” on the screen. Especially useless if you’re on a street where cab drivers won’t be able to hear the whistle or read the sign off the three inch screen. Bonus points for uselessness if you are in an area where waving your iPhone around will get it snatched.

    20. Proposal : One of the most important moments in any man’s or woman’s life is the marriage proposal. How does this useless iPhone app help? It turns your screen into an image with the words “Will you Marry Me?” A good choice for men who want a broken iPhone and would rather have their soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend do it.

These 20 most outrageous and useless iPhone apps aren’t good for much. However, if you need a laugh or know someone with one of these, that can change. Don’t be disappointed if some of these apps have been removed from the market. With the increasing popularity of the iPhone and similar devices, there are likely to be many more apps that offend, waste time, and drop jaws.

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