Beyond eBay: 50 Niche Sites To $ell Your Stuff Online

Spring cleaning haunts pack-rats, neat freaks, moms and kids alike. After cleaning out all of your unwanted junk, what do you do with it? Make a couple of bucks by reselling your unwanted goods on online auction sites or marketplaces.

What about going into business online? There’s something for you here too. Check out all the places to list your stuff and products or create an online storefront without breaking the bank.

Online Auction Sites
1. Classifieds – This low-key alternative to eBay lets you sell everything from pets to houses.
2. iOffer – This site lets you import your profile and rating from eBay, and then enjoy an auction experience that takes no listing fees and focuses on negotiation.
3. – Sell your products in this great eBay alternative, and enjoy creative marketing, such as the dedicated Youtube support.
4. – This great eBay alternative lets you sell just about anything to just about anyone.
5. HiBidder – This sleek eBay alternative helps you market your products to those who will enjoy them the most.
Handmade Arts and Crafts Online Selling Sites
6. Etsy – If you’re selling something handmade, look no further than this wildly colorful site.
7. – If you’re selling something artsy, crafty, or handmade, this site will move your product in no time.
8. DaWanda – Another site emphasizing handmade products, this site also emphasizes community participation, letting you make sales and friends in one pass.
9. Handmade Catalog – This no-frills site helps you sell all of your handmade goods.
10. – This crazy-colorful site is a great way to sell your handcrafted goods.
11. – With a focus on community and originality, this site helps you sell everything handmade to those who will enjoy them most.
12. – This virtual mall helps you sell your handcrafted goods to users from around the world.
Online Storefronts For Registered Users With Low or No Fees
13. Amazon – If you’d like users to be able to search the easiest-to-use sales site for your products, look no further.
14. The Talk Market – This picture-filled site focuses on unique organization, drawing buyers’ eyes to “daily finds” of awesome products.
15. eCRATER – Both a free online store builder and free marketplace, this site is a great one-stop shop for your online sales.
16. Big Cartel – The emphasis here is simplicity: create a store in minutes, track inventory, manage your sales, and enjoy that Big Cartel won’t take a penny from your profits.
17. – With an emphasis on used products,—part of the eBay network—will help you reach sellers around the world.
Online Classifieds
18. Kijiji – According to the site, you can “Use Kijiji to buy & sell new and used goods, look for cars and pets, find local real estate, and more.”
19. Craigslist – With sections for major cities all over the world, Craigslist helps you post stuff for sale in the world’s largest classifieds section.
20. LookCube – The emphasis here is “free,” and so the site provides free classifieds for your local area, throughout America.
21. – When regular ads just don’t do your product justice, use this quirky site to post video ads and auctions.
22. Oodle – This classifieds site focuses on bringing your products to the locals who wish to buy them.
23. – This simple site lets your products reach out all around the globe.
24. Myspace Classifieds – Tap into the power of social media and sell your stuff to the thousands of Myspace users online.
25. Trader Online – Your classified ad can join the millions on this great, highly-organized site.
26. Stuff 4 Sale – If you’re selling in England, look no further than this no-frills site.
27. – If you’d like to keep your sales local, this site helps you find a buyer near you.
Build Your Own Online Storefront
28. OsCommerce – This open-source site helps you craft your own online store with easy-to-use features.
29. Yahoo! Small Business – This simple site gives you all the tools you need to start selling online through Yahoo.
30. Shopify – With affordable hosting and quick templates, this site lets you setup your online store in minutes.
31. GoodBarry – For a low monthly fee, Barry offers a package that handles your online shop and business e-mail while offering customers a “central console” to make shopping a snap.
32. BuyItSellIt – Another site helping you create your own online store, the emphasis here is making your site both simple and fun.
33. Volusion – Marketing itself as “the easiest way to open an online store,” this site will bring your sales into the 21st century.

Online Marketplaces
34. Bonanzle – The emphasis on this site is making it easier to sell your products, and even tie them to your instant messenger, meaning you can chat with clients immediately.
35. Garage Sale – If you’d like to sell your stuff through Facebook and allow users to buy it without leaving Facebook themselves, this site is for you.
36. U Shops – Build a store in minutes and then build an international customer base with this slick site.
37. Marketplace on Facebook – Reach thousands of potential customers with the power of Facebook.
Stock Photography and Art Online Stores
38. Zazzle – Got an awesome design? Sell it through Zazzle and enjoy royalties and bonuses for your hard work.
39. Cafe Press – This site focuses on customizability; put your artwork and clever quotes on mugs, t-shirts, and much more.
40. iStockphoto – If you’ve got stock photos to sell, this is the single best site to do so with.
Antiques and Collectibles Online Dealers and Stores
41. – Bring your awesome collectibles to the collectors who want them with this colorful site.
42. A-Z Collectible Classifieds – If you’re looking to sell an antique or a collectible, this amazingly thorough site will help you post the classifieds that will make a collector somewhere very happy.
43. – Join the 1,300 other dealers from over 31 countries to sell your antiques.
44. atOncer – Another collectibles site, this page helps you organize the collectibles you’re selling, ensuring that buyers will be able to find them.
Specialized Online Stores and Marketplaces
45. – They’ve been in the game selling business for 20 years, and they’ll be happy to help your games reach a happy game boy (or girl) out there.
46. Game Pawn – If you’re sick of waiting for sellers, then sell your games directly to Game Pawn using this simple site.
47. The Parts Trader – If you need to sell or trade automotive parts, this is a great place to start.
48. Performance Parts Trader – If you’d like to get the most profit from your used car parts with the least hassle from an online merchant, the search stops here.
49. Fashion Auctions – This simple site is all about selling clothes to customers who will look almost—but not quite—as fabulous in them as you do.
50. – If you’re sick of auctions, sell your clothes directly through this colorful, easy-to-use site.

Now you’re almost in business. Get your stuff, camera and computer together and set up your new online market at the site of your choosing.

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