50 Forward Thinking Nanotech Blogs

Nanotech, or nanotechnology, is the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. It is very diverse, ranging from conventional physics to completely new approaches to developing new materials or investigating whether we can directly control matter on the atomic scale. With so much at stake, there are many blogs, both new and old, popping up all over the web.

To give you a hand, we have gathered 50 forward thinking nanotech blogs. They cover everything from the basics to topics you’ll need a technical dictionary to understand. Other areas such as health applications, legal implications, and more are also explored.

Forward Thinking Nanotech Blogs by a Professional

These pro’s dedicate their work to the study and promotion of nanotechnology.

    1. Nanotech Buzz: Seven different contributors range from the expert to the student on this nanotech blog. The top contributor is George Elvin, the director of the Green Technology Forum, a research and advising firm on nanotechnology and biotechnology. However, current blogging duties are done mostly by Jeff Goldman who writes for a number of sites at Jupitermedia including Wi-Fi Planet, Ultrawideband Planet, Enterprise VoIP Planet, and ISP-Planet. The best part of the blog is the ability to narrow entries by tech, business, design, energy, environment, and even most popular.

    2. NanoHype : Professor D. M. Berube has been a PI or CoPI on five NSF grants. Both he and his team of doctoral graduate research assistants use the blog to express their opinions on all things nanotech. Entries date all the way back to 2005 and are worth a look.

    3. Soft Machines : Richard Jones is a Professor of Physics at the University of Sheffield and author of a book of the same name. His blog focuses on the thoughts of the future of nanotechnology. A recent post was on the targeted delivery of nanoparticles in humans.

    4. Nano Future 2030 : Wonder what nanotech will look like in 20 years? Then stop here to get John Burch’s take. He is an engineer and helped design and animate the nanofactory in “Productive Nanosystems: From Molecules to Super Products,” a project with Dr. Eric Drexler.

    5. Responsible Nanotechnology : Chris Phoenix is the co-founder and Director of Research for the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology. Useful links include the basics of nanotech, as well as the benefits and risks. Recent posts are on bad laws, science, and physics.

    6. Nanovip : A variety of contributors write here on various aspects of nanotech. Choose from your favorite specialty, or get articles in other languages. General news and press releases are also featured.

    7. Nanocolors : Visit here for a nanotech 2.0 hub. The blogger often links to nanotech items of interest, as well as commentary. You can also get trend charts and more.

    8. NanoBot : This beloved blog was discontinued in the summer of 2009. However, the brainchild of Howard Lovy still remains a standard for nanotech blogs. Check out the archives or read one of the dozens of online recommendations he gives.

Forward Thinking Nanotech Blogs by a Woman

If you think this area of science is dominated by men, check out what these women have to say about nanotechnology and more in their blogs.

    9. Nanoed : Carolyn Nicho is the Associate Director for Education in a NSF funded Nanotechnology Center. She hopes to answer questions that people might have about nanotechnology, as well as addressing K-12 science education topics.

    10. Science Women : Alice Pawley is an assistant professor of engineering education at Purdue University. She blogs at the intersection of women’s studies and science. Engineering, being a woman in a man’s world, and more are all discussed.

    11. Female Science Professor : This anonymous blogger is frank on life in science as a woman. She is a professor in the physical sciences at a large research university. Family life is also discussed.

    12. Middle Raged Punk : This blogger is a 30-something punk/geek chick living in Oklahoma. Scientific topics, including nanotech, are often discussed. There are also links to podcasts and audiobooks.

    13. NanoRisk : Kristen Kulinowski is a faculty fellow in the department of chemistry at Rice University, director of the International Council on Nanotechnology, and director of external affairs of the NSF Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology. Her blog is a repository of opinions on current events in the world of nanotechnology and risk. Although she hasn’t written in a while, the blog is still worth a look.

Forward Thinking Nanotech Blogs by a Fan

These bloggers are passionate about nanotechnology, even though they don’t work in it full time.

    14. Nanotechnology Development Blog : A group of contributors from diverse backgrounds and interests share a belief that nanotech is a powerful movement in science with the power to shape the world for good. They focus mostly on development news and information. Top tags include nanoparticle, nanoethics, and many others.

    15. Frogheart : Maryse de la Giroday is your blogger and a technical writer for companies like Nortel Networks, Redback Systems, Inetco Systems, and Creo Products. The blog is full of commentary about nanotech, science policy, and communication. Society and the arts are also featured.

    16. Nanopublic : Dietram Scheufele is a professor in the Department of Life Sciences Communication in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin. In his blog, he gives opinions on media and emerging technologies, including nanotech. A recent entry was on how the internet can be used for closing science/public divides.

    17. Nanoscale Views : Doug is from Houston and thinks all the high energy and astro folds shouldn’t have the fun. His blog is about condensed matter and nanoscale physics. Get entries dating all the way back to 2005.

    18. Nano Patents and Innovations : Alton Parish is a senior market analyst for Innovative Research and Products Inc. which provides custom market research on cutting edge technology topics. Visit the blog to get the latest information on patents in the nanotech world. There are also reports, articles on specific patents, and more.

    19. Blog Nano : The writer of this blog, Steven Edwards, is a writer/analyst/consultant, whose first book is entitled “The Nanotech Pioneers: Where Are They Taking Us?” He recently received a biology teaching position at a university. Posts include technology, investing, and more.

    20. Nanotech: The Circuits Blog : Brooke Crothers is your blogger for CNET news. His blog covers chip technology and computer systems, as well as how they define the computing experience. He also contributes to “The New York Times’” Bits and Technology sections.

    21. Metamodern : K. Eric Drexler is a researcher and author whose work focuses on advanced nanotechnologies and current research. His blog focuses on news, directions, and objectives in science and technology, often with a specific perspective in mind: how current progress can contribute to the development of advanced nanosystems.

    22. Nano Tech Wire : If you still haven’t got enough of a nanotech fix, visit here. The blog collects the latest in nanotechnology news from across the web and gathers it here. Choose from the most recent or select by category.

Forward Thinking Specialty Nanotech Blogs

Stop below for a blog that focuses on a specific aspect of nanotechnology.

    23. Nano Medicine Center: See one of the most practical uses for nanotechnology on this blog. Nanomedicine is often defined as the repair, construction, and control of human biological systems using devices built upon nanotechnology standards. Learn more with the help of the blog.

    24. Nano Markets : This blog serves as a forum to provide market and technology commentaries for what are termed as TOP electronics. TOP is a self-created acronym for Thin Film, Organic, and Printable Electronics. Recent entries are on the Indium scare and nanosolar printed CIGS.

    25. Nanotechnology Law Blog : Get regulatory and legal developments involving nanotechnologies and materials here. The blog is published by Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., a Washington D.C. based law firm that focuses on conventional and engineered nanoscale chemical, pesticide, and other specialty chemical product approval and regulation, chemical product litigation, and associated business issues. Topics are on everything from environment to international law.

    26. Nanotechnology Law Report : Stop here for another blog on nanotech law. It focuses on legal issues surrounding nanotechnology news and events. In addition to the blog, you can also get a newsletter, along with other publications.

    27. Nanoarchitecture : This blog focuses on informing architects and designers about nanotechnology. The site posts reports on emerging developments in nanotechnology that might revolutionize design, and features works that are enabled by nanotechnology. In addition to posts, you can also get links, publications, and more.

    28. Medical Nano Tec : Learn how nanotechnology can help you live a fuller, longer life on this blog. It gives up to date news and information of new developments in nanomedicine, an insight into the application of medicine in nanotechnology, and gives an objective look at new research and literature. Read the latest posts or start off with the basics.

    29. Tiny Tech IP : Blaise is from Virginia where he tracks patents, particularly those in nanotech. Each U.S. patent is discussed and even linked to.

    30. Nano REV : Click here for a blog on nanotech law and business. Recent posts are on a symposium, research, and molecular electronics patents.

    31. Small Times : This blog focuses on the business side of nanotech. It features loads of business information and analysis about nanotechnology and microelectro-mechanical systems. The main site also has more on electronics manufacturing.

    32. Chemicals & Nanomaterials : Learn the chemistry side of nanotech through this blog. A group blog focuses on commentary concerning the chemical and nanotechnology issues of the day. Part of the Environmental Defense Fund, the homepage has more.

    33. Nano Focus : This blog is a group effort from Chemical & Engineering News. It provides original content and collected nanotechnology related news from throughout the American Chemical Society. Latest posts are on nanoparticles and nanosyn.

    34. Nanotechnology Podcasts : Listen to what the experts have to say on nanotech here. Choose from interviews, reviews, and news. You can also choose by show.

Forward Thinking Nanotech Blogs by a Site

These sites have blogs and columns devoted to the study of nanotech.

    35. International Council on Nanotechnology : This site is a partnership for nanotechnology stewardship and sustainability. The News Digest has the latest in nanotechnology headlines and is updated several times a day. You can also check out items of interest, the database, and much more.

    36. The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies : This group is dedicated to helping ensure that as nanotech advances, risks are minimized, public engagement remains strong, and potential benefits are realized. Visit for regularly updated news and more. You can also learn more about nanotechnology and even get an iPhone app.

    37. National Nanotechnology Initiative : The NNI provides a framework to ensure U.S. leadership in nanotechnology essential to human health, economic well being, and national security. Choose from facts, research, funding, and others.

    38. ICON Blog: Visit here for a blog by the International Council on Nanotechnology. It is a multi-stakeholder forum for developing and communicating information about nanomaterial risk. If you enjoy it, they also offer a Twitter feed.

    39. The Foresight Institute : This group focuses on examining transformative technology. In addition to nanotech, you can also read about robotics, futurism, and other related topics. The Feynman Path to Nanotechnology on the blog is also a good read.

    40. Next Big Future: Stop here for a blog by the Lifeboat Foundation, which is a non-profit dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies. Topics include nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and robotics/AI. Several bloggers write about the next big thing here.

    41. Nanotechnology Now: This site has become one of the must reads for inventors, investors, policy makers, and opinion shapers. It offers news, columns, and even products. Be sure not to miss the glossary if you need a little brushing up on your nanotech terms.

    42. Nature Nanotechnology : This publication features many entries for the reading. You can check out the latest headlines or advanced online publications. You can even submit your own work.

    43. Safe Nano Community : This group is located in the United Kingdom and is a source of information on nanoparticle hazards and nanotoxicology. A group of contributors write on everything from 2020 science to strategy. The main site has more.

    44. Nano Bugle : The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory sponsors this blog. Written in English, it supplies a window into applied nano science. Top posts are on base present, Second Life, and Michael Phelps.

Forward Thinking Nanotech Sites

These sites offer tons of resources that you just can’t get from a blog.

    45. Nanowerk: This is one of the most popular sources for nanotechnology information. Apart from a unique Nanomaterial Database, which is an extensive industry directory, they offer a packed conference calendar, complete nanotechnology news coverage, and business resources. Be sure not to miss the Nanowerk Spotlight, among many other resources.

    46. Nanotechnology Encyclopedia: If you are confused on a term about nanotech, visit here to look it up. This free online, encyclopedia contains tons of entries on the subject. Choose from a topic such as quantum biology and molecular electronics, or check out the words of the week.

    47. Understanding Nano : Nanotechnology is made clear on this site. It is dedicated to providing concise explanations of nanotechnology applications, along with information on companies working in each area. Choose from an introduction, applications, materials, and more.

    48. Nanobliss : Stop here for a gallery of visualizations of small-scale structures of carbon nanotubes and silicon, created by John Hart and collaborators. The dimensions of these structures range from nanometers to millimeters. They offer both departments and exhibitions.

    49. Nanotech Europe : Learn more about one of the world’s largest events for nanotech here. Topics include everything from electronics to health. You can also learn more about speakers and other offerings.

    50. Science Daily : If you want just the headlines and just the nanotech, stop here. Science Daily is a must visit for the scientific community in getting up to the minute headlines. They also offer headlines in many other areas.

Whether just beginning your studies, a dedicated professional, or someone looking to broaden their scientific horizons, there is loads of useful information on the above 50 forward thinking nanotech blogs. If working or studying the area, don’t be afraid to start your very own nanotech blog.

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