5 Resources to Get Your Feet Wet With .NET

How many times have we found ourselves in predicaments where we need access to information or software know-how at once? How often have we pored over huge tomes without knowing where exactly to look and what exactly we hope to find? The advent of the Internet with its vast and seemingly endless well of resources is a boon to those who know how to sift the wheat from the chaff and pick the needle they’re looking for from the haystack that Google throws up each time a search phrase is typed in. If you’re a .NET aficionado, here are a few sites that offer tips, tutorials and pieces of code for both the beginner and the expert alike.

  • Tech Books for Free: This site packs a punch with its wide array of free books and resources that teach the ins and outs of Microsoft’s Visual Basic and .NET. Besides this, you have books on Linux, Java, Perl, C and C++, and others on networking, security and databases.
  • About.Com: As always, About.com comes up with a comprehensive site to aid those who are trawling the web looking for programming techniques that make better use of the .NET framework for Visual Basic and .NET objects.
  • Home and Learn: This UK-based site is a veritable treasure trove for newcomers to the Visual Basic .NET platform. It offers an introduction to VB that’s helpful even to those who have no programming experience whatsoever.
  • Coder Source: This site offers tutorials and answers to the most frequently asked questions in the Visual Basic .NET framework. It also invites contributions from experts in programming.
  • Site Point: Written and hosted by a couple of software engineers, this site offers guidance on getting started with ASP.NET and also provides resources and tutorials that are useful for beginners.

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