40 Great Firefox Add-ons for Serious Shoppers

Mozilla Firefox is the second-most popular web browser behind Microsoft Internet Explorer. One of the things that Firefox devotees love about the program is the availability of add-ons. Add-ons are fun little “gadgets” that serve a specific purpose within the browser. In this article, we’ll let you know about 40 add-ons that make shopping on the web easier and more fun.

Amazon Tools


Ookong operates under the principle that prices on Amazon are constantly fluctuating. It helps you see a pricing history for the product you select, and then notifies you when the price is low. It’s a useful add-on when you have products that you want, but don’t necessarily need to buy right away.

2. Amazon Universal Wish List

Love your Amazon Wish List? With this add-on, you can add any item, from anywhere on the Web, to your Amazon Wish List with a simple click.

3. AmazonAssist

This handy little add-on allows you to view Amazon search results and reviews while you browse the web. Now you can compare products without opening multiple windows at once.

4. Amazon Button

Amazon Button makes Amazon.com even easier to navigate, and supports all international versions of Amazon.com. Search using the context menu, browse by “bestsellers” or “most gifted,” and search by directory.

5. Amazon Free Super Saver Shipping Search

Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping add-on lets you search any of the Amazon.com sites for products that have FREE Super Saver Shipping. Since shipping can be expensive, this add-on could save you quite a bit of money.

6. Amazon Deal Button

With Amazon Deal Button, you can search Amazon’s Deals and Bargains section as well as the “secret” clearance areas of the site that have items listed for up to 90% off.

7. Amazon MP3 Daily Deal Button

Each day Amazon.com features a complete album for $3 or $4. If dirt-cheap mp3 downloads catch your attention, then this Firefox add-on is just what you need. It gives you instant access to the deal of the day, as well as the previous deals. (Sometimes Amazon doesn’t take the previous day’s deal off the site right away.)

8. The Camelizer

The Camelizer uses the data at camelegg.com and camelcamelcamel.com to provide you with graphs of price changes over time at Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Overstock, and other sites. Knowing these price trends can be extremely useful when you’re getting ready to buy something.
eBay Tools

9. eBay

This simple add-on enhances eBay search by filling in the most popular items that are searched on eBay. At this time, it supports the US, UK, Australia, and Canada eBay sites.

10. Amazing eBay Sidebar Shop

With this convenient add-on, you can get the experience of shopping for deals on eBay without abandoning the rest of your browser window.

11. myTimeZone for eBay

Display the “end date” on eBay in your local date and time format, rather than 24-hour format, with this add-on.

12. Save Money on eBay

Have you ever noticed how many people who list items on eBay can’t spell? Let their typos become your steals and deals with this add-on. It uses an algorithm to search commonly misspelled variations of the brands you want.

13. Snip It! For eBay

Snip It is an automated “sniping” tool that allows you to swoop in and place the winning bid on an auction at the last minute. This process can be done manually, but with Snip It you can decide ahead of time which auctions you would like to win and the tool does it for you.

14. Myibay Auction bid sniper for eBay

This “sniper” eBay tool is a little different because it doesn’t charge any fees for successful “snipes.” It also gives you instant access to the “Snipe it” tool on each eBay auction page. By allowing you to set your maximum bid ahead of time, it helps you stay within your budget. The actual “sniping” occurs on the remote server, so you don’t even have to be online when you’re placing the winning bid on an auction.

15. WatchCount

Ever wondered what the most popular items on eBay really are? The developers at WatchCount did. And they discovered a way to mine a bit of “top-secret” data… how many people are watching each item. By using their Firefox add-on, you can get right to the most attention-getting, hottest items without wasting your time on the things nobody wants.

Price Comparison Tools

16. WindowShopper

WindowShopper, from Superfish, helps you instantly compare prices on 45 million products from hundreds of online stores. You will be amazed at the way this little program is able to pull prices from places like Wal-Mart, TigerDirect.com, Office Depot, Target, JC Penney, Overstock.com, Sephora, and even Amazon.com.

17. Shopping Helper

The Shopping Helper enables users to create shopping lists of the items they are interested in. The application then compares prices across the web. Also, it sends you an alert when an item you’re interested in goes on sale.

18. Official NexTag Add-on

NexTag calls itself the “search engine for shoppers” and this is their official Firefox add-on. Searching millions of items across the web for the best prices, NexTag helps consumers find the best prices on everything from video games to hotels.

19. foxydeal

Foxydeal alerts you when the product you are viewing can be found more cheaply on another website. The add-on links you straight to the product page on the competitor’s website.

20. InvisibleHand

InvisibleHand is another add-on that gives you an alert when the product you’re shopping for can be found at a better price somewhere else. It works with over 100 popular retailers in the USA, UK, and Germany. When you’re not shopping, the tool hides.

21. PriceProtectr

This add-on is a little bit different than the other price comparison utilities. Many websites have a “low price guarantee” that allows you to receive the difference if they or one of their competitors has a different price for the same item within 30 days. But who has the time to monitor all those prices? PriceProtectr does this for you.

22. Swaptree- SwapShopper

SwapShopper notifies you if you are looking at books, CDs, DVDs, or video games online, and you could get them for free by visiting SwapTree.

23. BuyVDOGames.com

Use BuyVDOGames.com’s add-on if you want to compare video game prices from several different online video game stores.

24. Glydo

Glydo is unlike mere “price comparison” add-ons. Its intuitive design analyzes the pages you are viewing and suggests other content. As far as shopping is concerned, that means it finds lower prices for you, similar items, user reviews and other useful information.

Discounts and Coupons

25. RetailMeNot

This neat add-on informs you whenever the site you’re shopping on has a coupon code or discount that has been submitted by RetailMeNot’s users. The codes are not always reliable, but when this works, you save money.

26. PriceBlink

PriceBlink alerts you when it finds a better price or coupons for the product or website you’re currently viewing. Unlike some other shopping add-ons, it stays hidden in the background unless it has something to tell you.

27. CouponDigger

CouponDigger was developed by Coupon Mountain, a website where people can find coupons and discount codes. The Firefox add-on alerts you to these special deals as you are browsing.

28. OfferAssistant

Billeo’s Offer Assistant helps you find the best deals by tagging your search results within Google, Bing or Yahoo. It matches your memberships in loyalty programs with the available offers of the day.
Convenience Applications

29. iMacros for Firefox

If you find yourself bored with the repetitive filling out of forms in shopping carts, iMacros is the add-on for you. Anything that you do over and over again in Firefox can be automated using this simple application.

30. Shareaholic

You know when you find that perfect handbag, dress, or pair of shoes and you want to get someone else’s opinion on it, fast? No more right-clicking on images, cutting and pasting into an email. Shareaholic is the fastest, cleanest way to share web pages in over 100 social media services, including Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and many more.

31. Autofill Forms

Sebastian Tschan’s Autofill add-on has been downloaded almost 900,000 times as of this writing. It’s easier to shop when you don’t have to keep filling out forms.

32. Add to Search Bar 2.0

Add any website’s search functionality directly into your Firefox search bar with this clever add-on. Want to search Target.com for a product? Add it to your search bar. Want to search Zappos? Done. Any search, from any site, it’s that simple.

33. WOT Safe Browsing Tool

Shop with confidence when you have the WOT Safe Browsing add-on installed. It uses a familiar “traffic light” system to help you know whether it’s okay to visit or shop from a website. Downloaded almost 10 million times, it’s one of the most popular add-ons for Firefox.

Car Shopping
34. Used car buying off Craigslist helps research car quickly

If you’re interested in a car you’ve found on Craigslist or other used car sites such as eBay, Yahoo Autos, or Vehix, this add-on helps you quickly research and get reviews about the make and model. It gives you the “going price,” reliability information, consumer reviews, and any safety recalls.

Product Reviews & Other Shopping Assistance

35. Not As Cool As It Seems

If you’re the type of person who has to have all the new gadgets as soon as they come to market, you definitely need to check this add-on out. It’s a place where technology lovers can go to report issues with cameras, cell phones, computers, TVs, or other electronic devices. Get real, unbiased reviews here.

36. AmabayFox

It has a funny name, but it’s a cool add-on. With one click, you can compare prices between Amazon and eBay. One benefit of this add-on is that it doesn’t add any visual “junk” to your browser except when being used.

37. Bestcovery

Using a unique approach combining expert opinions and reviews, Bestcovery helps you find the best product for your needs. It’s a great way to get research on products when you have limited time.

38. Grocery List Generator

Store your commonly used recipes and other frequently purchased groceries in this user-friendly little add-on. Then watch as it automatically creates grocery lists for you, organized by categories and areas of your local store.

39. Hoteloogle

Hoteloogle helps you find availability, rates, and ratings from several different hotel reservation websites, including Travelocity, Expedia, and Hotels.com.

40. Craigslist Site-Wide Search

Spific’s powerful Craigslist search add-on will enable you to search the entire Craigslist site, as many cities as you want, all at once. Never again will you waste valuable time repeating the same search on Craigslist over and over again.

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