100 Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech

Much like Google and Facebook before it, Twitter has become an overnight sensation. Bringing microblogging – where bloggers share posts of no more than 140 characters – to the forefront of the internet, Twitter users number in the millions and can spend hours at a time posting and keeping up on tweets.

With so many users, do you still feel like the only tech lover with a green frame of mind? No more with the help of these great 100 Twitter feeds to follow green tech. Whether you love the technical or environmental aspects, or even both equally, your Twitter time just went up.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech

Get your green tech education first by following these Twitter feeds.

    planetgreencom1. Treehugger : Get links, ideas and conversation from the TreeHugger hive mind, along with the latest in modern green. A good choice for discussing tweets and even the occasional retweet.

    2. Best Green Blogs : Why read each green blog individually when this Twitter feed brings the best in green to one place? You can even choose from entries on fashion, building, recycling, farming, consulting, and events.

    3. EcoInteractive : Based in Costa Rica, the Eco Preservation Society inspires action through conservation, reforestation, and education. Lists include politics, eco, and others.

    4. Green Biz Tweets : Hugh Byrne brings you constant updates on business and tech news, along with conversation.

    5. Twilight Earth : Adam is based in D.C. and is dedicated to saving the environment. He does it through shared news, discussion, advocacy, and activism.

    6. Inhabitat : This Twitter feed believes that good design can save the world. Links often go back to items of green tech interest.

    7. EnviroKnow : How do politics effect green tech? Stop here to find out.

    8. The Daily Green : This Twitter feed is especially useful for seeing how green tech makes it to the shelves. Tweets are on products, advances, and more.

    9. Sustainablog : Learn how to use green tech to build a better world here. Tweets link back to items of interest.

    10. Opportunity Green : OG inspires a collaboration of new ideas, including tech, to drive green change. Tweets often give helpful tips on how to do that.

    11. Eco Tech Daily : A Simple Earth Media Production, they are dedicated to covering the best in green tech, gadgets, and news. Tweets often review products.

    12. USGBC : The United States Green Building Council strives to build green communities in the next generation. Tweets often update on their progress.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green News

Get the latest headlines from a green frame of mind with the help of the below Twitter feeds.

    greenprophetcom13. Green News : Stop here for the Twitter news feed from Science News Blog. In addition to the latest headlines, they also have lists for environment, wildlife, oceans, and technology.

    14. Grist : While running a blog of the same name, this Twitter user provides a beacon in the smog. Environmental journalism can be found in the headlines, challenges, and more.

    15. Ecorazzi : Want to know which celebrities are the greenest? Then check out this Twitter feed for the latest in green gossip.

    16. Sierra Magazine : Stop by this Twitter feed for green and eco tips from the editors of a magazine of the same name. Tweets contain tips, news, and more.

    17. Green Media : Stop here to get holistic conversations for a sustainable world. Tweets are often headlines and links to items of interest.

    18. HuffPost Green : You don’t have to sort through the entire Huffington Post to get the green articles if you follow this Twitter feed. It contains news, food stories, DIY projects, and animal fun.

    19. RE News India : This Twitter feed is a trusted source of quality content for India business news and upcoming opportunities for the renewable energy industry.

    20. Green Options : Stop here for the Twitter feed of the first green blog network. Tweets are often the latest news, along with many useful tips.

    21. Traveling Green : Get news on the latest green treks, along with tips for how to travel green yourself at this Twitter feed. Tweets often update their travels.

    22. Ecosalon : Check out this Twitter feed for the green stories and trends that matter. There are also plenty of stops for shameless fun and eco swag.

    23. Green Progress :Stop here for the latest green technology and science updates. There is also green stock investment research and advice.

    24. Organic Lifestyle : This magazine is a digital publication dedicated to organic lifestyles, alternative health, and green living. Tweets are often on related news and tips.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Global Warming

A central issue of the green minded, these Twitter feeds have more.

    thebreakthroughorg25. Global Warming : Another entry from Science News Blog, this Twitter feed focuses exclusively on global warming. Tweets often link back to headlines of interest.

    26. QTip : An unknown Twitter user at an unknown location, the tagline is “change da climate.” However, with over 100,000 followers, he/she is doing something right.

    27. Operation Carbon : This Twitter feed is dedicated to engaging in individual accountability in the wake of climate change. They recently just partook in a massive Follow Friday.

    28. Arctic Sea Ice News : Follow updates to the National Snow and Ice Data Center: Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis here. A good Twitter feed for seeing things from the arctic.

    29. Tree Banker : Dan Teft is located in Denver and is the CEO of Tree Banking, LLC. He often tweets about carbon credits and the trillion dollar business of climate change solutions.

    30. WWF Climate : The World Wildlife Foundation maintains many Twitter feeds, including this one for global warming. Tweets link back to news items of interest.

    31. Climate Bill : Follow the tracking of climate change legislation by following this Twitter feed. Recent tweets are on President Obama’s energy bills.

    32. Zoleek : Don’t think a web platform can combat global warming? Then check out this programmer from London who is attempting to create it.

    33. One Climate : OneClimate.net is a new social networking space for sharing ideas and taking action on climate change. Get headlines related to climate change and more by following.

    34. Against Climate Change : If you are a mother and concerned about global warming, check out this Twitter feed. Tweets are often in the form of links and retweets.

Great Twitter Feeds to Go Green

If you need help getting there, follow these green Twitter feeds.

    35. Planet Green : Get practical, everyday tips on how to lead a greener lifestyle from this Twitter feed. Tips range from a variety of topics from useful links to how to reuse common household items.

    36. Help Recycle : One of the easiest ways to go green, this Twitter user can keep your trash out of the landfills and put to use. Tweets are often on the do’s and don’ts of recycling.

    37. Green by Design : How do you know if that product is really green? Check out this Twitter feed and site to get the best and worst in green products.

    38. Going Green Today : This Twitter feed claims that a $29 plan can save you $2,000 a year and tons of carbon. Stop by to see if it will work for you.

    39. 1 Thing For Green : Get a daily tip for how to go green by following this Twitter feed. Although some are common sense practices, others are quite innovative.

    40. Ways 2 Go Green : With a tagline of “think globally, act locally,” this Twitter feed helps you do just that. Another plus is that tweets are often answered.

    41. Do The Green Thing : The website was set up so visitors could get seven inspiring tips to living a greener life. The Twitter feed continues in the tradition.

    42. Green Hour : Anne Keisman tweets tips on how to get outside and play more often. Tweets are often on interesting and simple activities with a green frame of mind.

    43. Eco Green Items : If you need to purchase items that are green, stop here. Entries often give recommendations, and they even recently listed the top five green cars.

    44. Green Living Mag : The editors of this Canadian magazine bring you the latest trends and happenings in sustainability. Tweets give headlines in addition to tips.

    45. Green Products Wall : Got a green product you love or are interested in? Then visit here to see if it is on the wall or to post.

Great Individual Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech

These individuals use Twitter to post about green and just might through in a little tech.

    46. Al Gore : The former Vice President has becoming a leading name in the green movement. See what he is up to by following his Twitter feed. He often links back to related items that interest him.

    47. Barack Obama : Bringing green jobs and other related issues to the forefront, the President of the United States is definitely worth following. Tweets are often personal messages of inspiration and what he is up to.

    48. MOL Family : Michael O’Loughlin lives in Oregon where he helps produce the Northwest’s largest sustainable lifestyle festival. Learn more about it and other events.

    49. Chris Baskind : He lives in Pensacola where he writes about the environment, simple living, and bicycles. He also has lists on being car free and minimalism.

    50. Eco Geek : Hank Green is your eco geek from Montana. Get both green tech and geeky tweets here.

    51. Solar Feeds : Based in Chicago, Scott Weitzman brings you the largest solar news network. He features tweets from over 200 contributors that cover everything from gadgets to politics.

    52. The Good Human : David lives in an undisclosed location in the United States and tweets about sustainability, peak oil, and much more. Tweets are often on items that interest him, as well as his personal life.

    53. Randy Paynter : He is the founder of Care2.com. Tweets are on green living, human rights, and more.

    54. Shea Gunther : Tweeting from Maine, this father tweets on climate change, politics, and renewable energy. He is also the founder of Eco Monday.

    55. Eco Monday : If you still haven’t found enough green tech Twitter feeds, try stopping here. Each Monday participating users link to Twitter items of ecological interest.

Great Organizational Feeds to Follow Green Tech

The below organizations strive for a more green planet.

    56. The Climate Project : TCP is an international program that aims to educate and challenge citizens and governments into action against the growing crisis of global warming. Tweets are on links and what you can do to help.

    57. Repower America : With over 2 million members, this green tech organization is dedicated to finding alternative energy solutions. Tweets often link to items of interest and progress.

    58. Greenpeace : This independent global campaigning organization is acting to change attitudes and behavior, to protect the environment and promote peace. Tweets often update campaigns and give useful tips.

    59. This Is Reality : Get a look at the impact of the coal industry by following this Twitter feed. Headlines related to the subject are often linked to.

    60. National Wildlife Federation : See how green tech can effect wildlife by stopping here. The NWF works to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for the future.

    61. Earth Hour : Taking place March 2010, millions across the world will be asked to turn off their lights for one hour. Learn more about the movement by following their tweets.

    62. Friends of the Earth : Based in London, FOTE campaigns for solutions to environmental problems. Tweets are often press releases or tips.

    63. NDRC : The National Resources Defense Council is one of the nation’s most recognized environmental groups. They work to protect wildlife and a healthy environment for all life on Earth.

    64. The Wilderness Society : Similar to the above, they work to protect the wilderness. Tweets are on what they are up to, along with items of interest.

    65. League of Conservation Voters : This organization works to turn environmental values into national priorities. You can even visit the site to get a vote tracker for both the House of Representatives and Senate.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Tech

Stick to the tech side of things with the help of the below Twitter feeds.

    66. Google : You don’t have to be an expert green tech to know what a giant Google is in the technology industry. The Twitter feed focuses mostly on news and updates from Google. With over 2 million followers, it is definitely worth a visit.

    67. Mashable: If you haven’t heard of Pete Cashmore or his brainchild, you have probably read at least one of their vital must-read lists. They bring you the latest, greatest, and even most played out in technology.

    68. Veronica Belmont : She is the host of Tekzilla and others on PSN. Her lists include fashion, humor, gaming, and more.

    69. Kevin Rose: If you have ever Digg-ed anything, he is to thank. Tweets are on random ideas, entrepreneurship, rock climbing, and more.

    70. Evan Williams : Since we’re on the topic of founders of innovative technology, how about checking out the Twitter feed of the CEO of Twitter? Tweets are on updates on his daily life.

    71. Tech Crunch : Get breaking news and opinions on technology from this team of experts. Hot topics include Microsoft, the iPhone, and much more.

    72. Tim O’Reilly: He is the founder of O’Reilly Media who watches the alpha geeks, shares their story, and helps the future unfold. Tweets often link to things that interest him.

    73. iJustine : If you are a hardcore Apple fan, this is the Twitter feed for you. She is also into YouTube and loads of other tech.

    74. Wired : A leading magazine and site, it is no surprise they also have a tech related Twitter feed. Tweets are full of reviews, tips, and much more.

    75. Guy Kawasaki: Co-founder of Alltop, he is the “firehose that answers the question: what’s interesting?” He often gathers the best in blog headlines to feature on his Twitter feed.

Great Alternative Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech

Want to hear alternative views about going green, global warming, climate change, etc.? Then take a look at these Twitter feeds.

    76. EcoGOP : They believe in protecting the environment without falling into the left trap. Stop by for more information on conservative solutions to green problems.

    77. Climate Scam : This green Twitter feed tracks the global warming “climategate” scandal from all over the web. Just about every headline on the topic is linked to.

    78. John Stossel : With his own show on the Fox Business Network, John actually has a green phone where he invites Al Gore to call him and straighten out any inaccuracies in his reporting. He often links to items of interest.

    79. Global Warming Hoax : This Twitter feed is dedicated to exposing the global warming myth one tweet at a time. Tweets often link back to arguments against global warming.

    80. Ozone Sky: This Twitter feed believes that the ozone problem should not be overshadowed by global warming. Get more information by following their tweets.

    81. Huge Carbon : Stop here to get a Twitter feed that looks at the consequences that massive carbon legislation could have. In addition to links, questions are asked of the followers.

    82. Glenn Beck :The radio show host turned television star has his own Twitter feed. Although he doesn’t focus exclusively on green perspectives, you can still find them.

    83. Michelle Malkin : Although she doesn’t focus on exclusively green tweets either, Michelle is notorious for exposing corruption in the government. She often tweets on related items.

    84. Cap and Trade : Are you wondering how this legislation will effect global warming and you? Then check out this Twitter feed for updates.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Climate Change

Another hot button issue for green techs, check out these Twitter feeds for more.

    85. Mark Lovett : Also known as the Global Patriot, he tweets from San Diego. Tweets support the idea of patriotism without borders, social justice, and climate change.

    86. Celebrity Paycut : Sick of celebrities telling you how to go green? So was this Twitter user. Which is why you should stop here to get climate change news from both sides of the fence.

    87. World Resources Institute : This Twitter feed focuses on both human and environmental needs. Tweets focus on climate change, global warming, ecosystems, green business, sustainable markets, good governance, and sustainable development.

    88. tcktcktck : Based in Copenhagen, the Twitter feed focuses on the ticking clock of climate change. They are also working for a fair, ambitious, and binding climate deal.

    89. Peter Kobel : He is from Brooklyn and an advocate for economic and environmental justice. You can also get lists for books, science, and even vegetarians.

    90. Priscilla Lorenzo : More commonly known as Greenfudge, she tweets on climate change, controversial issues, and more. Regular tweets are on a variety of green topics.

Great Twitter Feeds to Follow Green Tech Companies

The below companies use both technology and a green frame of mind and share with their Twitter feeds.

    91. Chelsea Green : This publishing company produces books exclusively with a green frame of mind. They also tweet links, tips, and information.

    92. Solazyme : This Twitter feed is from the only green tech company to make crude oil from algae. Get more information on renewable oil and more by clicking here.

    93. Green Project : Double up on your internet shopping by stopping here. Buying a product here leads to a donation to a green charity.

    94. Julie Urlaub : She is part of the Taiga Company in Houston that provides sustainability consultation. Get tips to improve your own business by following the tweets.

    95. Triple Pundit : The experts at 3P tweet on bettering business through green practices, thusly enhancing the bottom line. Tweets often link back to related items.

    96. Green Business Bureau : The GBB offers businesses an easy to use tool and clear roadmap to become eco-efficient, one step at a time. Stop by for tips and responses to your questions.

    97. Carbon Finance : Get financial innovation in the carbon world from this Twitter feed. Energy reports, links, and more are featured.

    98. Jetson Green : This Twitter feed is obsessed with green building. Click on links to get more information on designs that interest them.

    99. Gaiam : Based in Colorado, they make products for a healthy mind, body, home, and planet. Deals and more are featured on the Twitter feed.

    100. Fresh Ideas Group : This green tech company promotes a sustainable future through strategic communications. Many tips for living green are given.

With 100 great Twitter feeds for follow green tech, you can follow some of the most known, and even lesser known, names in the environmental community. In addition, you can get tips on products to buy, practices you can change, and much more to help both tech and the planet.

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