100 Free Web Design Tools and Resources

By L. Fabry

Along with corporations and individuals, non profits are also in need of dynamic and interesting websites. Those low on cash or money savvy will appreciate these top 100 free web design tools and resources.

Best Introduction to Web Design

Visit the below for the best in web design tutorials, inspiration, and more

1. Design Meltdown: Visit her for the latest in design elements, trends, and problems. This massive online tutorial gives loads of chapters on design principles, color usage, elements, styles, and much more.

2. Red Acorn: This site contains many articles and tutorials on web design. You can learn how to plan, promote, and publish your website, along with resources especially for non profits.

3. Boogie Jack: This is an HTML help site featuring tutorials, help with CSS, and other resources. In addition, you can also get tips for hosting, SEO, and easy website money.

4. Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen is the king of usability and knows a great deal about web design. Visit to get loads of tips and be sure not to miss the “Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design” column or “Usability 101.”

5. Save The Pixel: This leading book in web design is available for download for 9.99 €, but you can download the first chapter for free. It focuses on the art of design, pixel usage, and more.

6. Network For Good: Click on Campaign in a Box to get a free guide to fundraising. You can also learn more about the online services they provide or sign up for the free marketing tips newsletter.

7. Designer Talk: Visit here to join the many forums for web designers. Get general help, design tips, advertising info, and more.

8. Web Developer’s Handbook 2.0: If you have a love of web design and some free time, visit here for an insane amount of help with web design. Articles range from creativity to a variety of CSS tools, to accessibility, and much more.

9. Iron Spider: This site is ideal for beginners who have questions about HTML, web hosting, and design. It is full of useful articles and tutorials, including what not to include on your website.

10. Web Design Trends for 2009: “Smashing” magazine found that many successful websites share the same characteristics. See which made the top ten along with many other web design resources.

11. Page Crush: An inspirational design hub, Page Crush allows top designers and sites to be featured here as inspiration other designers. View by featured or category, and you can even submit your own work for review.

12. 10 Best Designed Websites: Need inspiration? Then visit here to get a list of websites that did it right through simple style, usage, illustration, and icons.

Best Sites for Web Design

These top sites are the same places that leaders in web design visit. Many have a non profit focus or you can just learn web design as the experts do.

13. Charity Focus: The volunteers at this organization will help non profit organizations design a website of their own. They also offer tips for inspiration and a blog.

14. Wix: With over 669,000 sites built here, this is the place to get help for free. No technical skills are required and you can even do Myspace, art, or music in addition to a non-profit site. There is also a forum, tips for getting started, an instructional video, and even a Wix of the day for more ideas.

15. Entheos: Visit here for tons of web designing tutorials and resources. You can also get free templates, flash add-ons, and an article directory with even more help.

16. 9 Rules: This community of bloggers post on everything related to web design. Sort by topic, newest post, or top members.

17. UX Magazine: This publication believes user experience is everything. Get loads of useful information on how to attract traffic, get advertiser dollars, and more strategies.

18. Think Vitamin: This site is dedicated to nourishment to help the web grow. Visit for regularly updated help with design, development, marketing, expert opinions, and much more.

19. Font Garden: Use the thousands of fonts found here to customize your website. You can also get specialty fonts, tools for Mac and PC, and even dingbats – picture fonts that can be used in documents and drawing applications.

20. A List Apart: Many website designers visit here to get useful information and tips. There are 284 issues on websites and you can even read the Primer for new readers.

21. Aldebaran Website Design: Located in Seattle, this site gives tips on how to host your website for free, along with other related tips. You can also view their work and get a free quote over the internet.

22. eNonProfits: Visit here for a free trial web design. With hundreds of templates to choose from and professional help, if you are satisfied with the results, prices start at $14.95 a month.

23. Free Internet: Also from eNonProfits is the option to get free unlimited internet access with a dial up when you sign up for an account. They also offer DSL and premium internet access to non profits at a reasonable cost.

24. Guide Star: Once you’ve completed your website, visit here to be listed in this massive online directory of non profits. They even provide a seal and keep track of the top performers.

25. Idealist: Part of Action Without Borders, thousands of non profits come here to get their message out. They also give tools for your website, tons of free resources, and much more.

Best Free HTML Editors, Guides, and More

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is commonly used in web design. Visit these sites for the best in free HTML, software, and more.

26. First Page: The completely free program comes bundled with over 450+ Javascripts and supports all the latest web languages. You can also get a ton of other website building tools here.

27. Nvu: Can’t afford Dreamweaver or Front Page? Then get this free HTML editor for Windows, Linux, or Mac.

28. Notepad: This free HTML editor is available as a download to Window users from 95 to 2003. It is also compatible with many other computer languages.

29. HTML Best Codes: Don’t want to install any software? Then visit here for tons of free and easy to use HTML codes. Get codes on everything from an impressive welcome message to embedding a video file.

30. HTML Dog: Visit here for many guides to HTML and CSS. Get beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials, along with useful examples.

31. HTML Goodies: Get an introduction to HTML, as well as other design aspects on this site. Advanced users will enjoy their tech reviews, tips for beyond HTML, and primers.

32. Website Tips: The HTML category contains tutorials, articles, HTML editors and authoring tools, as well as META. There are also many other tutorials for web designers on this site.

33. HTML Tips: Get a beginner tutorial to HTML, along with other related information. There are also useful links to domain names at no charge.

34. 30 HTML Best Practices for Beginners: The experts at Net Tuts developed this guide to common usages and mistakes in HTML. You can also get other tutorials on related material.

Best Free Templates

Those without a background in graphic art web design will enjoy these free templates to accommodate all sorts of websites.

35. Wild Apricot: Get free website templates specially designed for non profit organizations here. After choosing your template, you can experiment with headers, footers, different pages, and a visual editor.

36. Kickass Web Templates: If you are a non profit, charity, or public school, this site will provide you with free premium Dreamweaver templates in exchange for a link on your homepage. They have 148 to choose from including arts, education, medical, and more.

37. Stock Layouts: This company provides many top quality website templates…for a price. However, in this section you can actually get free samples for brochures, newsletters, flyers, ads, and more.

38. My Newsletter Builder: If you’re a non profit that needs to publish a newsletter, visit here to select a professional template. There is also help for sending, tracking, automating, and sign ups.

39. Non Profit Templates: Microsoft Office has 33 templates especially designed for non profits. Get pledge logs, raffle tickets, receipts, and more at no charge.

40. Best Free Templates: Visit here for free popular templates and web design. They are divided into categories, including templates for charity.

41. Free Website Templates: Visit here for a ton of free templates to use as a background on your website. Get custom designs for all sorts of sites or even request something specific.

42. Open Design: Users, members, and designers share their free website templates, discuss web design, and promote their services. Get loads of free templates for your site or submit your own.

43. My Free Template: Search by popular category on this site, including business, church, ecommerce, and more. You can even get templates for fonts and flash.

44. Metamorphozis: Scroll down the page to view the many free templates or choose by category. You can even download their Webmaster’s Kit to get free templates for CSS, WordPress, and flash.

45. DocStoc: This site offers a variety of free templates including forms, letters, presentations, and spreadsheets. Grab as many as you like for no charge or submit your own.

Best Free Flash Designs

Want more than just a still picture? Then use these sites for free help with animations, flash, and more.

46. My Flash XML: Want flash on your website, but have no experience? Then visit here to create your flash website with no programming knowledge, remove sections easily, and update all data easily.

47. Template Monster: A leader in paid and custom templates, they also offer many for free. You can get flash, intros, animations, and even dynamic flash at no charge.

48. Flashmo: Get free flash templates, a flash photo gallery, 3D Photo Gallery, 3D thumbnail gallery, intro, flash MP3 player, or .FLA source files from this site. Experts can even create their own stunning flash websites.

49. Flash-Templates-Today: Get templates for flash, Dreamweaver, presentations, and more. You can even get a tutorial or see the most downloaded templates.

50. FlashVillage: After a brief registration, you can begin to download flashes for all sorts of sites. There are even tutorials and the option to preview before you register.

51. Warm Forest Flash: They design sites with a strong focus on typography, grids, usability, and use the latest technology including back button support and deeplinking. Although not all are available for free, those with no charge are still impressive.

52. Free Nice Templates: This site offers flash templates, CSS, and animations at no cost. The flash 8 and p templates can also be customized through XML or HTML.

53. Wyoming Web Design: This site contains thousands of flash templates and intros. You can even customize them for your own website.

54. Flash Slideshow Maker: With a friendly user interface, this software enables you to create photo slide shows with no programming skills required. Once completed, you can upload your finished work to your site or email to clients.

55. Free Flash Template: This site offers web templates and intros with tons of special features. Get templates for business and high tech, along with many flash ones.

56. SCORE: The site works as counselors to America’s small businesses. You can get loads of free document templates on this site including planning tools for non profits, an Excel for your board of advisors, cash flow sheets, and even start up expenses.

Best Free Software and Downloads

Web designers can utilize the best in free web design software by visiting the below.

57. MoreMotion Web Express: This is both a WYSIWYG and HTML editor that enables users to develop websites and their pages without knowing either. It also features library elements, templates, theme support, DHTML events, an integrated JavaScript editor, an integrated image-map editor, broken-links checking, and an integrated FTP client.

58. JAlbum: This download is ideal for non profits who want to publish and post pictures of the work they do to their site. Galleries and slide shows can be based on various templates and advanced users can customized further.

59. GIMP: Use this free software to design your own logos, banners, and edit photos. It is ideal for Windows users who do not want to pay for Photoshop.

60. AceHTML Freeware: Get more than 175 built-in DHTML and JavaScript samples, helping you add interactivity to your website with this download. It also supports documents for XML, Perl, and WML.

61. Inkscape: This program is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on Adobe Illustrator. If you have some experience, you will love this free graphics editor with many features to customize your own website.

62. Silverlight: Mac users can utilize this freeware to create richer, more compelling web experiences that take greater advantage of the client for increased performance. It also incorporates video, animation, interactivity, and stunning user interfaces.

63. Smultron: If you’ve got a Mac and 5.1 MB to spare, this program is for you. It is a free text editor which is easy to use, designed to neither confuse newcomers nor disappoint advanced users, and works for web programming, script editing, making a to do list, and more.

64. Code Collector Pro: Have lots of codes for your website and no place to store them? Then get this Mac program that is compatible with HTML, Cocoa, C++, Ruby, and more.

65. Coda: Also for the Mac, Coda features a whole suite of tools that make it easy to hand-code amazing websites, all wrapped up in one powerful package. It includes a fully-featured text editor, a visual CSS editor, a full file-transfer engine, built in reference books, and much more.

66. Educational Freeware: Are you a school or non profit that works with children? Then visit here to get many free programs for kids including games, educational tools, ESL, and more to offer your clients.

Best Blog Hosting for Non Profits

Many non profits have blogs as a cheap way to promote your charity, keep clients up to date, and link back to your website. Below are the best free ways to host your own blog.

67. WordPress: A leader in blogging, WordPress is a publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. Download the free software and begin blogging within a matter of minutes.

68. Live Journal: Just choose a user name and go with this free blog site. It also gives you the option to use Photobucket and Blurb to incorporate photos onto your blog.

69. Edublogs: Is your non profit a school, does it offer help for teachers, or works with students? Then this free blog host is for you. Students and teachers come here to blog, and be sure not to miss the “10 ways to use Edublogs to revolutionize teaching and learning.”

70. Blogger: Another popular blogs that instantly and easily allows you to share text, photos, and videos. You can also take a quick tour, watch a video tutorial, and discover even more features.

71. Zoomshare: With 250 MB of free space available, this blog host is ideal for those who want to give a media rich experience. In addition to the blog, you can get a web site, photo albums, email, and file storage.

72. Vox: Use this site to create a unique blog, complete with pictures and video. You can also join the massive online blogging community for more blogging and non profit tips.

73. Blogsome: Similar to WordPress, you can get a choice of many themes, upload photos, and personalize your page. You can even get links to recommended blogs they already host for design tips.

74. Typolis: With a new server in place, visit here to begin blogging and spreading your words with ease.

75. Blog Cheese: Got a camera in your computer or one lying around the office? Then use it, get on this site, and create your very own video blog for free.

76. Freevlog: Another video blogging site, you can also get tutorials, a forum, or read their very own blog. Excellent for those new to video blogging.

77. YouTube: Got videos of your non profit and no where to put them? Give this leading name in video sharing a try. With millions of visitors a day, quality videos have a high chance of going viral.

78. Busy Thumbs: What’s the next step in blogs? Mobile blogs posted from phones. This site allows you to create your own Moblog at no charge.

79. Twitter: Technically not a blog, but everyone’s doing it, so why not a dedicated non profit? Use this site to post messages straight from your desktop, blog, Facebook account, and more.

80. NineHub: Would you rather create and publish your own video than view one? Then visit here to get free Moodle Hosting for online classes. Educational non profits can start their online class within seconds with no installation, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, classes, tutors, and students.

Best Web Design Videos

Watch these top web design videos to give yourself and your website an edge.

81. Hostmonster Tutorials: Once you’ve finished building your site and need help publishing, visit here for dozens of videos. Choose from help with mail, publishing, software, FTP, and more.

82. Web Design TV: A weekly video tutorial teaches Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, and more. Produced by the U.K.’s leading design magazine, there are 141 episodes and counting.

83. Zoom In: With a special section devoted to web design, visitors can get many useful informational tutorials. In addition to video interviews with some of the top web designers today, you can also get news and blog posts.

84. Video-Tutes: Got problems with a web design or other program? Then visit this site for tutorial videos on every program from Acrobat to flash to video podcasts.

85. The New Boston: If you can stomach the provocative background design, then visit here for tons of videos on web design. Playlists include Adobe tutorials, C++, Java programming, and Python.

86. 10 Video Tutorials for Learning Basic Web Design Skills: Mashable brings you a list of videos to help you get your website in order. Topics include CSS, Java, HTML, WordPress, and more.

Best Free Web Hosting for Non Profits

After finishing your website, go to these sites to see the best in free web hosting.

87. Awardspace: This free plan offers an impressive 200 MB of space, 5 GB of traffic, 2 domains, and 5 subdomains. There are no banners included and they even offer links to useful and free domain services.

88. Chocolate: Scroll down to see the massive amounts of features they offer, including 24 hour support. It even allows you to easily create a professional looking site for free.

89. Free Web Space Inc.: If your site only has 150 MB of space and 1.2 G bandwidth, this might be the host for you. You also get free FTP access and a free domain name.

90. Atspace: Get your free hosting here with 50 MB of space, unlimited traffic, DNS server, FTP, and even a free POP3 account. They also have tips for setting up your site and are free of banner ads.

91. 50Webs: Their free option includes no ads, 60 MB of space, a free email address, FTP account, and even an integrated HTML editor. They even have a guide for starting your own web hosting business.

92. 100 WebSpace: Take a tour of the features on this site before you “buy.” Free hosting options include 100 MB of space, 3 GB of data transfer, 5 subdomains, FTP, 24 hour support, and more.

Best Paid Hosting for Non Profits

If you’ve got a couple of bucks a month to spare, then try out these top and cheap ways to host your own website.

93. Just Host: This space was rated number one by Consumer Rankings and includes free domain for life, setup, and many unlimited features for only $3.95 a month. You can also get a free site builder if you still need help with design.

94. Fat Cow: This hosting site throws in everything but the kitchen sink to get your business. Get unlimited space, bandwidth, POP mailboxes, and domains for only $3.83 a month. You also get a free domain name, web site builder, shopping cart, and even credits at top sites such as Google and Yahoo!

95. Super Green Hosting: This service is ideal for green non-profits, or even those who run green. In addition to many of the free and unlimited services of other hosting sites, Super Green uses energy efficient servers and are 100% carbon neutral friendly.

96. Host Monster: For its ability to host multiple domain names for one fee, Host Monster is worth looking into. You can also get bonus unlimited hosting space and bandwidth. Currently they offer free set up for $3.95 a month with no hidden fees.

97. Web Hosting Pad: Got a website and $1.99 to spare a month? Then visit here for unlimited space, bandwidth, domains, and a free set up. They also throw in many other useful features.

98. Go Daddy: Want a hosting site with 24 hour technical support? Then host here for domain names as low as $1.99 and monthly fees starting at $4.25 a month for limited bandwidth. You can also transfer your current accounts for a discount.

99. IX Web Hosting: Visit here to learn more about their expert plan, business plus, or unlimited pro, which includes 3 free domain names, 15 IP addresses, and ad coupons. Plans start at $3.95 a month.

100. Lunar Pages: Got a serious site expecting serious traffic? Then you might want to visit here for tons of available features including dedicated servers, VPS hosting, small business plans, and more. Basic hosting with loads of features is available for $4.95 a month.

Whether new in design or an advanced non profit with needs for help with HTML, templates, flash, hosting, and more, these best 100 website design resources will come in handy.

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