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Associates in IT
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Kaplan University - Kaplan University's Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Certificate computer Technician programs quickly prepare students for a career as a computer Technician. The degrees cover subjects such as; information systems, wireless networks, hardware, software, databases, development and network admin.

PC Maintenance & Repair Cert.

Penn Foster Career School - Penn Foster Career Schools's career-oriented online PC Maintenance and Repair program may provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become a computer technician or occupation in a similar career field.

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Becoming a Computer Technician

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Becoming A Computer Technician : How to Become a Computer Technician

What Types of Computer Technician Degrees and Certifications Exist?
  • Information Technology Certificate: Certificate programs in information technology can be beneficial to all types of individuals, including students with little to no higher education and to those who already have a successful career. IT certificates teach the basic career requirements for Becoming a computer Technician and introduce students to principles like networking, database administration and more.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology: Most career requirements for a computer Technician specify that a job candidate must have at least an associate's degree in a computer science field. Information technology is a general degree that often features concentration areas, even at the associate's level. Students learn a combination of general academic principles and skills, and they also receive training for IT-related jobs.
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: If you are serious about beginning a career in computer science, network support or system administration, a bachelor's degree can give you the skills you need to compete for entry-level positions. Cutting-edge bachelor's degree programs will teach students valuable skills in management and for applying IT principles to business settings.
  • Master of Science in Information Technology: Masters degrees allow students to analyze information technology theory while applying it to real-life situations and business settings. Students are also usually allowed to pick a concentration area.
  • PhD in Information Technology: Students wanting an even more in-depth look at the field can pursue their PhD. While basic computer Technician qualifications don't always require a PhD, those who want to become managers or teachers in the field can benefit from a terminal degree.
What Are the Top 10 Best Online Computer Technician Colleges?

Below you will find a sample of some of the best online computer Technician programs and schools.

  1. Kaplan University: Online

    In this program, students gain an introductory knowledge of computer information systems, wireless networks, hardware and software, and more. The program also allows students to choose a focus area in programming, network administration, or Web development.

    Kaplan's certificate program exposes students to the information technology field. Topics covered in the online computer Technician courses include computer hardware, databases, computer networking and computer programming. Graduates will be prepared to enroll in advanced study programs, and the certificate is transferable for other Kaplan degree programs.

  2. Capella University: City

    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

    : Capella's online B.S. program consists of 180-quarter credits and prepares students to enter into the fast-growing field of information technology. Major and specialization courses cover a range of IT topics, including software support and maintenance, operating systems, security, human-computer interaction and IT ethics.

    This graduate-level program requires completion of 48-quarter credits. The program combines business skills and IT skills, arming students for successful, cutting-edge careers in the competitive industry. Specializations within the program include network architecture, enterprise software architecture, health information management and others.

    PhD in Information Technology

    : Students contribute to the evolution of the IT industry through their active research and participation in this program at Capella. They must complete 120-quarter credits, and specializations are offered in subjects like project management and information assurance and security.
  3. South University: Online

    Associate of Science in Information Technology

    : Students get a basic understanding of information technology principles and disciplines like database development, Web development and more. The online program is designed for working adults, and graduates of the Information Technology programs at South University have found jobs at T-Mobile, Wells Fargo Bank and other large businesses.

    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

    : Students have the opportunity to specialize in the following areas in this major: general information technology, network administration, web administration, database administration or information and system security. The program operates on a schedule that features 5 1/2 week courses, and an accelerated format that allows students to earn a degree in just 2 years and 10 months.
  4. Keiser University: Online

    Associate of Science in Information Technology

    : Keiser's online program focuses on network engineering and network security. Graduates of the 72-credit hour program are qualified for entry-level work in the field. Major courses include Designing a Secure Infrastructure and Applications Support.
  5. American InterContinental University: Online

    Students involved in the BIT program through AIU Online can choose to concentrate in the following areas: computer forensics, computer systems, Internet security, network administration or programming. Online computer Technician courses to satisfy the general major requirement cover topics in networks, programming concepts, data applications and IT analysis.

    Master of Information Technology

    : AIU Online's MIT program offers concentrations in Internet security and IT project management. The accelerated program can be completed in just 10 months and features a combination of IT core courses and concentration courses.
  6. Boston University: Online

    Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

    : Boston University offers a graduate level degree program in computer information systems for working students who want to pursue higher positions within their field. Concentrations include security, IT project management, and database management and business intelligence, which are reported to be some of the fastest growing niches in the IT industry. The program can be completed in under two years and requires students to complete six core courses plus four concentration courses.
What is the Average Salary of a Computer Technician?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average salary for a computer Technician or computer support specialist was between $32,110 and $53,640 in May 2006. Computer Technician salary ranges depend on each niche profession. For example, network and computer systems administrators, particularly wired telecommunications carriers and computer systems design professionals, earned some of the highest salaries at $70,790 and $66,680 respectively, while computer technicians working in colleges, universities or professional schools earned 40,130.

Resources to Read When Choosing Computer Technician Schools

Take a look at these websites to learn more about salary information, niche job descriptions and the computer Technician industry, which can help you select the right school for you.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook: The U.S. BLS entry for computer support specialists and systems administrators gives a great overview of the profession, including statistics about salary, a description of typical working conditions and the projected job outlook over the next several years. Those interested in starting a computer Technician program will also find the section on training and education helpful.
  • Information technology management: Students and professionals who are interested in pursuing a higher degree in the field and who want to take on management positions in computer science and information technology can read this overview of the field from Wikipedia. Wikipedia lists definitions of the field and briefly describes how and where IT professionals are needed.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Guide to Computer Systems Design and Related Services: This industry guide gives an overall analysis of the working conditions, employment trends, and types of occupations available within the computer systems design industry and related fields. This resource can be a great help to those who want to learn about the difference between different computer science and IT jobs.
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology: The Information Technology page from this school offers detailed summaries of different majors and concentrations within the field. Prospective students will also find salary information, different types of jobs and job titles according to degree, and more.

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